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When choosing a programming language, it is important to ask yourself the following question: "What would I like to know how to develop? " Because yes, not all developers have the same aspirations. Some prefer to create websites, others software or even work on artificial intelligence ... There is a language for each purpose!

We have tried to list the most common purposes, and to see for each of them the most suitable programming languages:

Which programming language to learn to create a website?

The freelance web developer should start by learning the 2 basic languages ​​of HTML and CSS.

If you want to become a frontend developer: JavaScript (and its improved version, TypeScript) will be a must for you! Do not hesitate to specialize in one or more JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular, React or Vue.js. If you want to become a back-end developer: You will have to learn a so-called back-end language (custom php application development, Java, Python or JavaScript with Node.js), as well as to use a DBMS, such as MySQL or MongoDB. PHP and MySQL are also very useful if, for example, you want to become a freelance WordPress developer. If you want to become a fullstack developer: you will have to learn all of this at the same time! Fortunately, becoming a fullstack developer is now easier than before, thanks to the use of the same languages ​​on the front and back.


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