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You can mix php and htlm easily

The language of programmers and language of Internet users are not the same. However, the website creation is an important step that all companies are required to adopt. In this context, it will be necessary to find a consensus that development tools will bring. This is the case of PHP that easily display the HTML is the language of the Internet. Of course, in order to adopt this tool, it will be important to understand the fundamentals foremost and operating properly.


When speaking of php, we think directly to a scripting language for both general and open source. It is a tool specifically designed to develop efficient and well connected websites. A php development company has, however, chosen this tool because of its many advantages in development. Clearly, php integrate easily in HTML. To display it, so it will need to use tons of control since PHP pages already contain HTML fragments. Php will allow to easily produce the HTML by executing its code on a server. Being a server side language unlike Java, it will produce the HTML on a server by sending the results directly to customers without the source code. Static pages and dynamic pages will then be combined with the parameter setting of the server in question.

A more powerful version

Php is an expanding tool with many attractions. It is therefore quite normal to see perfectly evolved over the years. Moreover, we will see this trend through new versions of php. Lately, PHP 7 is out and offers very interesting features. With this new version, the benefits of the previous version have been boosted and its drawbacks corrected. then we will talk about it and increased performance at all levels. If we figure, we can expect a gain in performance level up to 70% compared to the old version. It will be very good news for all members to this tool. In addition, it must be said that this tool is accessible to everyone since it is open source. This is the expertise that differentiate subsequently the quality of the result.


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