Customizing an application via Php

The PHP programming language offers the best preconditions for communication with a database regarding the characteristics of the language. MySQL is free and works on many operating systems.

Bases of Database Theory

It is not possible to program a web application with access to a database without at least being rudimentary about the underlying database theory. A database system is a system for efficient, permanent and consistent data storage. Since not only data storage but also administrative tasks must be performed, it is also referred to as a database management system (DBMS). In such a DBMS, it is possible to manage any number of databases.

Identify each detail

In order to uniquely identify each custom php application development, you need to equip it with a unique key. As a rule, an artificial key is inserted in each table, the value of which is automatically generated when a new record is added. Such a key may be, for example, a sequential number. Content information (for example, a customer number) may also be "masked" in the key. Alternatively, a key can also be formed from one or more fields (combination). However, the prerequisite is that the key is unique to the document.

The principle of the relational database is to divide the information to be stored into several tables. In this case, the information must be stored in the tables in order to avoid duplication as much as possible. The information must be stored only once if possible.

The advantage of this is that if you change a certain date, you only need to adjust it in one place. This avoids or reduces errors and contradictions in the database. This is achieved by standardizing the database. This step in the design of the database is called a design. If you are basically familiar with databases as a budding PHP developer, you will immediately know what it means.

Everyone needs to manage this before creating a database for a dynamic web application.

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