Secure your server with Koddos

Your website business will be proud if you can eliminate all hackers working. Today, DDoS is the most famous one to attack your website and make it disable. One of solutions is to adopt a hosting service thatcan protect your server likeKoDDoS to take care about your project.

We have made a little visit to KoDDoSSociety

KoDDoS is a hosting offshore service with two datacenters in Hong Kong and Netherlands. He builds a new strategy to against DDoS attacks. First, he gives you free your ICP license. Generally, in the other hosting, you have to buy it. After that, you have to pay the package, and he has more offers inside.He gives you sevenuntil 400 GB to be used for your data website. He gives five into 200 emails in your dashboard. His technical service works 24/7 hours with your monitor server. They give you LEB with promo code, and details about that is with identity card of its. But if we talk about website security, we have to knows about the plans of KoDDoS Company.

Against DDoS, KoDDoS gives you their strategy

Before talking about KoDDoS services, we have to know that there are so many reasons to adopt it, but not only about his offers. His implantation in Hong Kong and Netherlands is a big chance for all his clients, because geographically, those places have cold climate to take care about datacenter engines. And connexon in those country is robust, because all system passes about Cloud. About paper, Hong Kong doesn’t ask you anything, even your identification, so it’s free to access for all hosting sellers or buyer. The price is less low with the same service as Site Ground, Hostpapa or Inmotion hosting. The plan is to give you more power to be able to select your clients and simple visitor. He keeps his place after the client, so if one client is a hacker, he blocks him directly.

Anyway, by boosting your capacity, you can satisfy all your client’s order less than one second, faster than DDoS speed. Last thing, you can choose other option with KoDDoS, about LEB or this IPV4!

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