The difference inbetween a Php programmer and developer

These two terms designate the same thing because both write computer programs. But those certifications do not validate the same level of knowledge of the network environment. In fact, the algorithm is different and at any time, you can be able to develop or to program on this domain. Let’s get the battle.

The ingenious definition of programmer

A programmer is the one who creates a program, a program is a series of instructions aimed at producing a result. In the case of a computer program, the programmer encodes a series of instructions that will be applied by the machine after a series of transformations. The programmer is those persons who create a series of treatment and foresee the conditions of its application thus he creates algorithms in the form material of code. In short, a programmer knows how to write a program, script in a given programming language. To learn to program is to detach oneself from a language as such, to have a more general vision of the thing.

How about the developer?

A developer, who was also called php programmer is the one who must have a general vision of the project technically, speaking while the programmer is content to implement its functionality. It connects different technologies together, and it organizes the different specifications, it will have to give programmers for the implementation. He builds a set of programs that have a set of features that are expected to meet the dimensions of the project or to product more functionality. Here, the word refers more to the process, the complete processing chain to a product with functionalities or focuses on the final function.

But currently, when we ask a developer if he is 80% programmer, he will say yes, because they do development and programming together and vice versa. So, programmer, web developer, are interchangeable and designate the same function and they use the software engineer.

Finally, a programmer is the beginning of a website and developer in the end of this, but both needs to be passionate in his domain.

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