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Magento is an open source PHP based ecommerce platform. Magento is widely regarded as the most search engine friendly ecommerce platform available in the market. It has various robust features and provides extraordinary flexibility to e-commerce store owners. Magento, with its powerful blend of highly scalable design and wide ranging support network, can give you the ultimate ecommerce solution. Magento Development was a very popular career choice in last few years and will remain so in 2018.

Open Source

Magento is a free open source ecommerce platform built using PHP and other open source tools. Due to these technologies and open source means that Magento as a platform has several distinct advantages over the competition. This platform is highly adaptable and could be modified endlessly to support project requirements. magento developerplatform guarantees a robust performance and enhanced security for merchants and developers due to open source platform.

Made for Ecommerce

Magento was created to be an e-commerce platform unlike Word Press and other CMS platforms. Some of the most common e-commerce features of Magento include User Dashboards, Inventory Management, Advanced Shipping and Supplier Management. It also allows bundling of products, built in cross sells and up sells capabilities, CMS options, Newsletters and so on. In addition, Magento is designed to ensure that it is easy to use and work with.

Easy Integration

Most of the CMS platforms have core functionalities but not all problems are solved within the system. They often need other apps or plug-in to make the platform easier to work upon. The Magento platform comes with the advantage of having an online shopping platform that can be easily integrated with readymade plug-in and apps from other developers.

No hosting related restrictions

Unlike Shopify and Volusion which are actual ecommerce platforms, Magento allows you to choose the hosting solution of your choice. This way you could select the best hosting solution provider that fits your requirements and your budget. Similarly, when it is time to migrate your store, there are no restrictions on when and where you could host your store.

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